What distinguishes Evolution360 from other solutions on the market?

Evolution360 combines the best web-based analysis tools in a single unique sales & marketing platform. You can access everything via a single login, putting an end to juggling logins to different systems with different user interfaces to generate different types of reports, each with their own layout. And no more paying for multiple logins.

Evolution360 is designed for companies and organizations of all types and sizes.

You get valuable insights into your digital visibility and how your customers navigate your website. This gives you full control over your sales and marketing activities, regardless of whether you work in the machine room or are part of the management team and need a complete overview.

If you are using an agency, Evolution360 can provide the insights you need to assess whether they are delivering as agreed.

Evolution360 is an intuitive and user-friendly tool that does not require any experience with similar systems to get started. When you log in for the first time, you are guided every step of the way through the system.

And if you need help, you can always contact our support team.

We offer a free 14-day trial at no obligation.

You don’t have to provide your payment information, and you will be guided every step of the way through the simple set-up. We extract live data, which means you can get started right away. Just click Free 14-day trial and see your results immediately.

Yes. Our three plans offer the option to display results for multiple languages, from two up to an unlimited number of country websites. This allows you to see data and use all our features separately for each country site.

In the results, you can click from country site to country site – without having to log back in.

More and more agencies are interested in using Evolution360 as a white label solution. This option is not currently available, but you are welcome to contact us at no obligation for a talk about a potential collaboration.

What are the costs for Evolution360?

We have made three different plans: Basic, Medium og Premium, then you can choose the right plan for your company’s needs. Please check the prices by clicking here.

You can change your subscription to a different plan at any time – it is easily done with just a few clicks. Upgrades are effective immediately, and if you choose a smaller plan, the change will take effect at the beginning of the next payment period.

There is no commitment period at Evolution360. You can choose a monthly agreement, or get a 20% discount with a yearly agreement. Both agreements can be terminated up to one day prior to the automatic renewal date.

Hvad er Web leads?

Webleads shows you a list of all companies with their own IT networks that have visited your website. That’s right. You can see which companies have visited your website.

Once a visit by a company has been verified, you will be able to see its visitor history and the details for each visit in Webleads. We show which sub-pages the company visited, the date and duration of the visit, and which channel generated the visit.

This provides your sales organization with unique insights as a solid foundation for their contact to the Company.

It is not possible to track a company that doesn’t have its own IP network, because only its Internet provider’s domain is visible.

When it is not possible to determine the company behind a visit, that visit is filtered out. This is your guarantee that we will only show you “hot” leads that are ready for contact.

Webleads is a B2B tool, and cannot be used to identify private individuals.

It is possible to sort your web leads by actively following specific companies of interest and hiding companies you deem irrelevant for you.

What is web analytics?

With web analytics, you get insights into visits to your website.

You can see the number of users and how many times they have visited, which channel the users used to access the website, which sub-pages they visited, and which search engine keywords brought them to your site.

When you log in, you can choose which period you want to see, and on the homepage, you will be presented with the overall statistics and key figures. You can then click on each channel for more specific data.

Charts and diagrams make it easy to follow trends over time and help you to communicate your data in an easy-to-understand and intuitive manner.

Direct: This is when the user has entered your web address directly into the browser or clicked on a bookmarked page from your website.

If the user goes directly to your site, it is safe to assume that they are already aware of your company.

Google Ads: Visits via clicks on Google Ads. The top and bottom positions on Google are reserved for Google Ads, which are an effective way to increase your visibility when customers search for your products or services. You can recognize the ads by the little green label on the search results in question.

Organic: These are the ordinary search results on Google, which are not Google Ads. In order to achieve good rankings in the organic search results, your website must be optimized for search engines. This is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.  

Referral pages: A referral page is an external website, such as a vendor, partner or blog, that refers traffic to your website via a link.

It is also possible to receive visits from undesirable referral pages, such as your own website or from fake sites. These don’t add value when you analyze your traffic and can be filtered out in Google Analytics.

Social media: This is when the user finds your website via a social media site. Examples include your company’s LinkedIn page and private posts on Facebook that link to your site.

Other: Smaller or unknown traffic sources are grouped in the Other channel. These might be visits via Google My Business or Trustpilot.

With our Medium and Premium plans, you can see how you receive inquiries via contact links on your website, indicating whether the visits converted into contact via email, phone or contact form.

We show you which channel the inquiries come from, tell you whether your Google Ads keywords are converting or whether a visit from a given referral page has led to an inquiry.

If you have contact links for more than one employee, you can also see who received the inquiry.

In order to see data on inquiries via your website, you need to implement our Evolution360 script, which is a little tracking code you place on your site.

Yes. Our three plans offer the option to display results for multiple languages, from two up to an unlimited number of country websites. This allows you to see data and use all our features separately for each country site.

In the results, you can click from country site to country site – without having to log back in.

In addition to clicking on a call-us link via a smartphone, your customers can call you by finding your number on a computer and then entering it in their phone.

Normally, we cannot track where this type of call comes from. However, this is possible with our call tracking feature.

What is call tracking?

With call tracking, you are assigned at least three phone numbers that can each be reserved for a specific channel. For instance, you can use one of the numbers on Facebook, another in your Google Ads and the third on LinkedIn. These phone numbers are all forwarded to your main number, so you answer the calls just the way you always do. But on your Evolution360 dashboard, you will be able to see where the calls came from and thus gain a better understanding of your conversions.

What can we see under Social Media?

The Social Media menu item provides insights into how your visitors interact on and with your company pages and posts on social media. You can follow trends in number of likes, comments, reach and shares, and you can see the demographic composition of your followers.

The administrator of your social media page must approve integration with Evolution360. If you do not administer your own pages, you can either be added by an administrator or add that person as a user in Evolution360 (you can choose to limit their access only to the Social Media section), and then you can integrate the pages.

You will be guided step by step though the integration process. All you have to do is give Evolution360 permission to access to your page. To do this, you must be logged into the social media from the same device where the integration will be implemented.

There is no need to worry. We cannot and will never access a private profile. The administrator’s profile is used solely for approving the integration.

No, we never post anything on your pages, and your followers will not be able to see that the page is integrated with Evolution360. We only access data in order to display it under Social Media in Evolution360.

If you have selected the wrong page or want to integrate a new page, you can always remove the integration in the bottom right-hand corner of the Social Media dashboard in Evolution360, and then simply integrate a new page.

What is SEO Rank?

SEO Rank is a shortcut to your rankings on Google and Bing for your company’s chosen keywords.

Every day, we perform searches for all your keywords, providing you with a clear and intuitive overview of how you rank by these the words, and thus how visible your company is when your customers search for your products or services. You can also add your competitors and see their rankings.

Knowing how both you and your competitors rank gives you a sound basis for assessing the need for SEO to ensure that your customers always see your company when searching for your products or services.

You can follow ranking trends over time to keep track of whether you achieve the desired results.

Search machine rankings are dynamic and aren’t determined by your own website alone.

The placement of your website for each keyword is also determined by both your own and your customers’ SEO, changes to the search engine algorithms, and the user’s search history. However, large fluctuations in your rankings could be caused by technical errors on your website. And any significant drop in your placement should be investigated.

We don’t have time to log on every day – can we receive a report instead?

Yes. It is quick and easy to configure a report to be sent to one or more employees are your company.

Just choose the sections of Evolution360 that are to be sent to the recipient and whether you want daily, weekly or monthly reports. You will then receive the report by email.  

How do you comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation?

We take the new personal data protection regulation very seriously. All personal data is safely stored, and we take all the necessary precautions to protect against accidental or illegal destruction of the data, lost or damaged data, unauthorized disclosure or misuse of the data, or any treatment of the data that is in contravention of legislation on the processing of personal data.

We collect your form data, if you use our form tracking feature, which enables the collection of all forms submitted via your website. Typically, this would include the user’s name, address, phone number and message. Use of this feature is voluntary as it operates independently of the other functions in Evolution360.

You can always delete each individual form under “Contacts”.