Make filters for segmentation of leads

Easily set up filters to and make your own segments. Choose between a lot of parameters such as geo, number of visits, employees, pages, duration etc.

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Optimize your sales with lead grouping

Identify and organize your B2B leads effortlessly. Our advanced product assists you in grouping companies based on geography, customer interest, or other criteria, providing you with the perfect overview and boosting your sales efficiency.

Filter leads in reports

Filter leads in reports and send a segmented number directly to a colleague's mailbox. Filter based on a wide range of parameters including geography, industry, company size, visited subpages, etc.

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B2B Lead reporting

Create and build all-in-one reports and send them automatically to specific individuals in your organization. Put your reporting on...

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Integrate to your favorite apps. We offer easy integration with popular platforms, making it easier for you to guide potential customers through the sales funnel and enhance your sales processes.

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Custom dashboards

With an intuitive interface you can quickly make fully customizable marketing dashboards - all ...

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SEO Tools

Make site audits, see backlinks, and track website visitors into leads.

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