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Our lead product stands out by offering advanced identification of companies based on visitors to your website. Using sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence, our platform enables swift and efficient identification of potential customers, delivering accurate information, including company name, address, and visited pages.

Step 1: Copy the Evolution360 Tracking Code

Copy the Evolution360 tracking code from the portal. Find the code within the "B2B Lead Generator" section. Create a new tag by clicking "New" in the top right corner. Provide your tag with a unique name, such as Evolution360 Tag. Click on "Tag Configuration" and choose "Custom HTML" from the list of tags. Here, you can paste the code copied from step 1.

Step 2: Add an "All Pages" Trigger to Your Tag

To ensure your tag activates, you'll need to add a trigger. Select the "All Pages" trigger if you want Evolution360 to be available on every page of your website. If you only want Evolution360 active on specific pages, you'll need to create a custom trigger. Remember to save the changes you've made.

Step 3: Publish the Latest Version

You're nearly ready to identify companies on your website. The final step is to publish the latest version. Click "Submit" in the top right corner and publish your changes.

Yes! You can change your subscription to a different plan at any time – it is easily done with just a few clicks. Upgrades are effective immediately, and if you choose a smaller plan, the change will take effect at the beginning of the next payment period.

Yes, our lead product is fully compatible with most CRM systems. We offer easy integration with popular platforms, making it easier for you to guide potential customers through the sales funnel and enhance your sales processes.

Yes, our lead product allows you to use advanced filtering and segmentation features. You can precisely define your criteria and create customized segments, making it easier to focus on the companies most relevant to your sales and marketing efforts.

Yes. You can effortlessly create reports that send relevant leads to your colleagues on a daily or weekly basis. Additionally, you can filter which leads should be sent to specific individuals based on criteria such as industry, geography, company size, etc.

Please go to our integration page for at full list. If you cannot find a specific integration then do not hesitate to contact us via our chat. We are continuously adding new integrations to the list

By clicking the price section in the top menu, you can see how many site audits/backlinks domains and SEO keywords that are included for each subscription package. If you need a custom package especially for you then do not hesitate to contact us via our chat.

We take the new personal data protection regulation very seriously. All personal data is safely stored, and we take all the necessary precautions to protect against accidental or illegal destruction of the data, lost or damaged data, unauthorized disclosure or misuse of the data, or any treatment of the data that is in contravention of legislation on the processing of personal data.

If you do not find an adequate answer regarding your question please do not hesitate to contact us via our chat. Alternatively by email: info@agency360.io

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